Hardly Strictly Security: An Event Recap

Hardly Strictly Security: An Event Recap

Insightful talks from 21 speakers spread across 5 countries, representing 19 different companies. 6 live speaker roundtable discussions - some led by our very own PD developers - covering exciting topics and thought leadership in the world of cybersecurity, not to mention the perfect place for attendees to have their questions answered live. And, of course, the excitement of our very own growing community coming together to share their experiences as we hosted the first and only open source cybersecurity event in the world.

Thank You!

Our Hardly Strictly Security online event surpassed all of our expectations (and hopefully yours too) - we can’t thank you all enough for attending, bringing our very first virtual conference to life, and making us excited for what we can achieve next year. If you weren’t able to make it, we definitely missed you - but, if you’re still curious to check out our talks from the day, you can find all of our recorded talks on our YouTube channel. Here’s a taster of what you can expect as you adventure through our playlist:

Essential Open Source Learnings for Security Success

Chief Open Source Officer at Isovalent Liz Rice and Executive Director at Cloud Native Computing Foundation Priyanka Sharma delve into how open source-driven innovation can elevate and modernize defensive and preventative security measures.

These two industry leaders examine the role of open source in propelling technological advancement and the crucial aspect of community engagement and collaboration within open source projects, discussing effective strategies for building and scaling open source communities, along with the challenges and best practices for ensuring security in open source software.

Together, their combined expertise gives some valuable insight into how organizations can harness the power of open source to foster innovation, while prioritizing cybersecurity and community building.

Exploring The Intersection of Cybersecurity and AI

In today's digital landscape, the convergence of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) presents both unprecedented opportunities and daunting challenges. 

As AI technologies rapidly evolve, they are increasingly integrated into cybersecurity systems to detect, prevent, and respond to complex threats - this panel with Partner and CTO of SignalFire Ilya Kirnos, and Chair of the CSA AI Security Initiative Caleb Sima, delves into the dynamic intersection of cybersecurity and AI within the context of future market structure and trends, shedding light on key areas of innovation vs those that may be overhyped. 

How can organs get their dev teams to shift left and incorporate more proactive security measures in the development process?

Zero to 1: Getting Started with Cybersecurity

While the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, that one step is often the hardest to take. 

Without a clear idea of where you’ll be going, it’s hard to know what the right first step is. Fear leads to inaction, inaction leads to stagnation, and you end before you’ve even begun. 

In this talk, Pj Metz explores the ways in which anyone can take that first step in their cybersecurity journey, including tips Pj used to go from knowing nothing at all about hacking to helping ProjectDiscovery Democratize Security, Together.

Explore Even More

Interested in rewatching even more Hardly Strictly Security talks? Don’t hesitate to head over to the YouTube playlist and share your thoughts in the comments. Once again, we truly appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm - the PD community truly made the event a resounding success.

See you next year!

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