Counting Down to Hardly Strictly Security

Counting Down to Hardly Strictly Security

This week sees the launch of our very first virtual event for the cybersecurity community. Hardly Strictly Security begins on April 25th at 8am PT (check how this works out in your own time zone here), and runs for the entire day, packed with thought-provoking and insightful talks from some of the leading minds in the cybersecurity field.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry and don’t know where to start, or you’re looking to the future of AI’s relationship with security tooling and open source, we’ll have all of your bases covered. 

Featured Speakers

Join GitHub’s PJ Metz as he shares the steps that took him from zero to one, and be inspired by his journey from school teacher to DevRel and community management - proving that no matter your background, even if you know nothing at all, it should never be a barrier to helping Democratize Security.

As technology marches on, so too does AI become a prominent aspect in the daily work of cybersecurity professionals. Presenting both endless opportunities and challenges to overcome, Caleb Sima of CSA AI Security Initiative will talk us through how the two worlds collide and shed some light on how dev teams can be more proactive as our technological landscape continues to shift.

Plus, for the first time, we’ll be hosting roundtable rooms featuring members of ProjectDiscovery’s own engineering and research teams - from Recon best practices to learning the best way to get support with your issues, our team will be on hand in dedicated breakout rooms to answer your burning questions.

Check out our full running order for the day on our Schedule page, right here:

Get Registered

And if we’ve grabbed your attention, and you haven’t yet registered for April 25th, there’s still time. Sign up for free via this link:

We can’t wait to see you there!

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